Getting Support for Addictions in Your Area

If you know someone who suffers with an addiction, whether it be for drugs, alcohol, gambling, food or even sex, you will know that it can be a very hard cycle to break. Many people who do have debilitating problems with their addiction are not aware of the best ways to get help. Your local GP is usually a good starting point, with a route to get you into the NHS care system.

For those who wish to tackle their addictions head on, there are a range of detox and rehabilitation centres around the country to help. These rehab centres offer a safe place for you to stay while you fix your issues and break your addiction. This can be a painful and challenging process, especially if your addiction involves drugs or alcohol, where the withdrawals from the subject can be very hard to cope with.

The Haynes Clinic is just one such rehab centre, specialising in residential drug and alcohol rehab. They have lots of experienced support staff on hand to get your clean and/or sober, with daily routines to get you back to a normal way of living.